Commercial Space Reimagined

Be the best in your industry with the most stylish work premises

You need a professional outfit

Show you mean business and have your commercial space reimagined by some of the most creative consultants around.

The Products

Our full range of quartz and recycled glass worktops can be fitted amazingly quickly, yet will have a stunning impact on your workspace. They’re all designed to be heat-resistant, stain-resistant and scratch-resistant too so that your business always looks its best.

The Process

We insist on putting the environment first when conducting our various manufacturing processes so that minimal damage is caused to the environment.  We have been awarded with the GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification, leading to us being regularly appointed for makeover projects in child-based locations. Such is our dedication to green building methods and the level of eco-friendliness we demonstrate, Granite Transformations Wakefield qualifies for LEED points.  It usually takes a single day for us to complete an installation, causing you minimal disruption.

The Perfection

You may have a clear impression in your mind of how your newly remodelled commercial space would look. Granite Transformations Wakefield is committed to ensuring that your ideas are realised. Anything is achievable due to the diversity of our product range and the astounding number of colours and styles available. You will be pleased to know too that your commercial space will be transformed in the most sustainable fashion.

Our Benefits

We have purposely made sure that our entire product portfolio offers stylishness and functionality as without these two vital assets our makeover solutions wouldn’t be half as good as they are. Combining these qualities means that you’re assured of a commercial space that continuously impresses those who come to visit.

Business owners also love that our quartz and granite worktops are stain, scratch and heat-resistant, so there’s no likelihood of them becoming subject to gradual wear and tear. They will sustain their appearance throughout their intended lifespan and the standard of performance will remain intact from beginning to end. It likely helps that we include ForeverSeal® in all work surfaces, a special sealing formula that prevents you having to reseal or maintain the worktop at any point in the future.

Have a read through the various Product Advantages of purchasing any item from Granite Transformations Wakefield:

  •        Scratch and stain-resistant
  •        Mould and mildew-resistant
  •        Fits over existing surfaces
  •        Fast, easy, no-mess installation
  •        Maintenance-free
  •        Easy to clean
  •        Surfaces never need sealing
  •        Lifetime Limited Warranty
  •        NSF certified
  •        Trained, professional installers
  •        Satisfaction 100% guaranteed