Innovative kitchen solutions for every home

You will hardly believe your eyes once our team have worked their magic on your existing kitchen set-up. We have countless innovative products available that can leave your kitchen looking better than ever before with solutions for cabinet doors and worktops and a number of colourful splashbacks.

We can turn something period into something ultra-modern or vice-versa dependent upon the effect you are striving to capture with all manner of finishes, colours and styles as your disposal.

Waterfall endings to your cabinetry are another possibility as is a central island unit which can act as the centrepiece of the entire room. For a huge splash of colour our Italian glass mosaic tiles are certain to leave your eating area sparkling at all times of the day.

  • Add an extra edge to your kitchen

    A Granite Transformations is particularly distinctive because of its slimline profile; however, it doesn’t always have to be this way. If you need a bigger edge to your worktop then leave it us to give it a greater depth to suit your needs. Edging can even be extended to the base plinth if you wish.

    We are also more than happy to custom make your worktop so that it has a curved appearance thanks to the talents of our fabricating team and the flexibility of the material used.

  • Lighter than natural or engineered stone

    How do we manage to apply a brand new worktop on top of another so easily? The lightness of the slimness of the material is key. But just because they’re so short on weight and profile doesn’t mean that they lack much of the strength of natural or engineered stone. Far from it which is why large numbers are increasingly turning to it as a viable kitchen enhancing product.

    Installation of our work surfaces can be done in next to no time and much of that comes down to the lightness of the material.

  • Performance that exceeds expectations

    The performance levels of our granite, quartz and recycled glass work surfaces are so outstanding due to the inclusion of a high grade polyester resin. Being spill and scratch-free all ensures that the surface always remains intact and never succumbs to the general wear and tear that regularly gets a grip of traditional work surfaces.

    We provide a lifetime warranty with each work surface such is our confidence in the product; we really can’t say fairer than that.